The Way of The Warrior


The Way of the WARRIOR
Meditation on martial ethics, from the WARRIORS FEAST Website

The Warrior, as we understand it, is not a mercenary or a soldier.
Millenia of human history contributed to a state in which armed conflict between nations degrades man to a number. This is the way of civilization.
It has been written that War brings out the best in men. This is false. It brings out the worst, primarily. That people may rise to greatness in the face of peril is only the coin's counterside.
Defiance against odds always toughens the character, if it remains unbroken. This is true for all parts of life.
War is not a natural state for mankind, as it has been proposed by cynical philosophers and statesmen. War is the ending of lives, the horror of conflict multiplied and unrestrained, the negation of human social life. It is that what must always be the last resort, for in War man cannot win. Nations may win. Humans can only hope to survive.
The Dark Gods always win in War.
The Warrior, as we understand it, is not a profession but a state of mind.
He (or she, of course) is cautious and prepared to fight when attacked. He is willing to live up to his heart, his honour, his conscience. He is there to defend those who place their trust in him, who rely on him; those who cannot fight for themselves. He is a Warden, a Protector, propably a Healer.
The Warrior represents a society that takes confidence in itself. He possesses courage, will and determination. He takes responsibility. He never looks away.
To follow the Way of the Warrior is to know that life deals you many blows. But Fate is not cruel, she is blind; it is folly to blame Wyrd for the hardships in life. Do not ponder on it.
Obstacles have to be overcome. When you fall you must stand up. Some time you die of it and that is no mean thing. It is natural.
The Warrior knows that life has meaning. Every living thing has its Fate; its purpose. You may not know it and it may any way look a tiny thing, but do not let that bother you. We all are part of something greater. Man can not alter his fate, but it is his to determine how dextrous he manages it. A salmon cannot leave the water, but it may swim against the current. That is the wisdom of our kind.
The Warrior is conscious. He is aware of his surroundings. He acts from will, not from confusion.
Determine which of your feelings are genuine and which are false, products of social conditioning. Learn to discriminate them. Only when you know yourself completely you can be free.
Train your mind and preserve your body. Mind, Body, Spirit, all are one until we die. If you are weak, you might know what to do but not be able to enforce it. If you are confused, the strongest body is useless.
Know your past and assess the future, but live in the present. There is only one time: Now. There is only one place: Here. Never forget this.
The Warrior is prepared and content. He is conscious and he knows he will die. From that arises his confidence. He is happy for no reason at all. This is the Gift of the Warrior.
When you live up to that you live the Way of the Warrior.
For those is the WARRIORS' FEAST.
Meredyth 2000